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Both of these were random raids I joined online. Here's their stats:

Level 59
Shiny? yes
Nature: Brave
Characteristic: "It's capable of taking hits!"

- Astonish
- Shadow Sneak
- Slash
- Play Rough

They're both EXACTLY the same.

I came to conclusion that they're hacked, but Primal said they were RNG abused/manipulated, and while that makes sense, why are they the exact same? I got the first one yesterday, and the new one today. How can I tell?

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Well they can't be hacked, hacked raids were patched already. Must be something else...
This is the date skip method with dudubot where you just skip the days to the day if the shiny that was talked about in your raid den shiny odds question. I've gotten three boxes of raid shiny pokemon from other people using this method

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This video explains how people can clone Max Raids (and, therefore, Pokemon) using two switches or some friends. The clone Pokemon will be exactly the same. The person hosting the raid was probably abusing this oversight to get lots of rare shiny Mimikyus, you joined twice, and now you have two of the same Mimikyu.

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while that makes a lot of sense, and i appreciate it, these were a full 24 hours apart, and I believe they were different ratings of raids too. i'm pretty sure the one was a max raid 5 star, the other was just a regular raid 5 star. Is it still possible under those circumstances?
I honestly don't know. Would you like me to hide this?
no-- it genuinely did help and taught me something new, and it's very likely that this was the case. thank you
Glad I could help anyway. I hope you figure out what happened