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I never do raids in my own game in swsh as no one ever joins when i'm trying to host. But I find that when raiding online from the y-comm menu I find a stupid amount of shinies. In the past month I encountered 4 waiords, 3 pikachus, an alakazam and a drifblim in shiny form this way. I havent raided that much, especially not from my own game, but from what I can tell they are supposed to have normal shiny odds. Are these raids hacked? Do they somehow get pushed to the front of the page maybe?

I’ll also note that Wailord and Pikachu has shiny raid events, but you might’ve already known that
How come I never get shinies from raids :(

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Some raids are hacked for giveaways (especially ones with unreleased Pokemon like G Max Melmetal, etc.) Though the main reason is probably because dens can be manipulated for guaranteed shiny Pokemon, as shown in this video. Although Wailords had increased shiny chance as of July 19, as shown on the main Pokemon page, and the Pikachu raids from August 6-9 had increased shiny chance as shown on Serebii. From my knowledge and experience raids can't be pushed to the front of the page, it's just completely random what raids are shown on your page. With the sheer amount of people who potentially den manipulate for shinies, they just happen to get on your recommendations.

Hope this helped!

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Yeah, thats probably about it. Thanks
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