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For a few weeks now, I've been getting only one raid per day, and every time, it is a 5-star Gigantamax Copperajah or a 5-star Gigantamax Duraludon. Is there any way I can get different Pokemon in the Max Raids without using Wishing Pieces? Also, why do these Pokemon keep spawning?

I know that there is an event with an "increased chance" of these Pokemon spawning in Raids, but I get them every time.

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Have you tried updating the wild area with "Get Wild Area News" button in the Mystery Gift section?
Yes. I am still getting them, as the event goes until April 28th or so.

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It is actually a certain chance but if you want to have a higher chance of getting a different raid use my strategy

Time Glitch

Basically it makes different raids pop up.

Step 1: You go to raid and invite people put don't play the raid.
Step 2: Go to system settings and go to time.
Step 3: Then change the time by ONE DAY.
Step 4: Cancel the raid
Step 5: You get more WATTS and get a new raid.

IF doesn't work Repeat the process. O.K. Also it might change the stars

WARNING: May cause penalty on switch watch out!

Hope this Helps (:

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