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Note: it's also never the case that some sparkle and some don't in the same battle. Either all of them do or none of them.

For example, in my last online raid, one of my allies had a shiny Gallade.

I am certain it showed up like this, but it never sparkled. I just found it odd and wondered why it does this sometimes. This isn't an isolated incident, either - it happens so frequently, to various different shinies, that I decided to bring it here.

Also, every time I bring a shiny, everyone else's sparkle (provided they are truly shiny). Haven't seen it fail when I bring one.

Are the allies' shinies hacked, maybe?
To answer your question, I thought about that and cannot eliminate that possibility, but there's no way for me to know for sure. Thus I can't draw that connection.

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It appears to just be a bug.

However if you do have a shiny Pokemon while others do as well, the sparkle animation does play. A strange bug to be sure.

If you also have a shiny Pokemon, the animation will play.


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