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Hi, sorry, I don't know how to simply sum up my question in the title.

I was doing gmax exploring things in CT with my brother via local play. Sorry I forget what it's technically called. We both caught a halucha (idk how to spell it, but the fighting bird from gen 6). During the raid, the bird was not shiny. By the end of the adventure, when it asked what Pokemon to keep, mine wasn't shiny, but his was. It wasn't during the adventure. I'm sad because we technically both caught the exact same Pokemon but his was shiny, and mine wasn't. Does this mean shiny Pokemon only appear shiny at the end of the G-max adventure, and not during? Does this mean I have to catch the legendaries to see if they're shiny or not? Does the shininess not show in the raid? I'm so confused, someone please, I'm begging you, explain the shininess in the new DLC minigame to me.

He was playing Shield, I was playing Sword.
None of our switches are hacked, and we both have the shiny charm.
This was local play.

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Thanks for the edit fizz lmao

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You have to finish the adventure to see shininess.
Raids won’t appear shiny, so you won’t know if you got a shiny during an adventure until the results screen. If you use a Pokémon during a dynamax adventure, it won’t appear as shiny, but will at the results screen. It appears, in your case, that it won’t be shiny for all people. There is absolutely no way to determine shininess before the adventure ends.

Source:Caught a shiny Lurantis and used it in the adventure and wasn’t shiny till the results screen, and I also got a shiny Lunala.

Thanks pk. I wonder how many shinies i missed out on. Before this happened, i wasn't even bothering to catch the legends and adventuring pokemon. Big rip. Thank you!
No problem! I didn’t catch the suicune at the beginning becuase I didn’t realize this