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So I finally got Sword and was playing through the game with my girlfriend. While waiting for her to catch up with me in the story early this morning, I found a Max Raid for a Lampent. I decided I wanted that Pokemon, and joined in on the stamp when it showed on the Internet.

Lo and #$%&ing behold, the Lampent was shiny. (I jumped out of my chair.)

So many things have changed in Gen 8 that I don't know if I can believe that it's dumb luck. I know they made it really easy to find shinies in Ultra Wormholes in Gen 7. Is this big hype that I joined by chance or was it boosted a lot? If so, what changed (or could have) to make it easier to find one? I have been unable to find such information, although I'll say I didn't do a ton of digging.

Possible useful information: My allies had shiny, fully evolved, Galar S-tier Pokemon with them. Can you hack Max Raids into being shiny?


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Joining random online raids that turn out to be shiny isn’t all that rare, but not because of enhanced odds; as far as I know, raids have full/charm odds, and I don’t believe they’re even influenced by how many times you’ve fought that particular species (although I could be wrong, since I’m not aware of any in-depth breakdown of raid den odds).
However, there are ways to RNG abuse or even straight-up hack a Pokémon into a den, which people then host online and saturate the Y-Comm with them. I’ve only run into a couple from personal experience, but I’ve heard of people regularly running into several in a day.

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RNG abuse? Can you explain?
Random numbers aren't really random. I think they're calculated based on the time. So if you know what random number you want and how they're calculated, then you can wait until the right time to generate that number.
How is that random number determined? Should I make another thread?
I think that the seed for raid dens are generated when you throw in the wishing piece. I’ve seen stuff where you host a raid, catch the Pokémon on a second Switch, and then use 3rd party tools to determine the seed of the den. From that, you can find how many days you need to go forward to get a shiny or 6IV Pokémon.
d-days, you say? Oh jeez...
You can fast forward through the days on your switch
What would be a good tutorial for this method?
Update: It's true, nowadays people like AusLove are distributing raids with shinies in them, and I ran into two of his shiny Gardevoir in a day, plus someone's shiny Salazzle the next hour. Next day it was a Sirfetch'd.

I'm not complaining, though.