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So I have noticed in my Black that about every 3300 wild Pokemon encounters, I meet a shiny Pokemon. I have been keeping tabs on this for a while and I got one at 3310, (duh) then I got one around 6620, then 9930, now I am almost at 13240 encounters, and I think it will confirm my theory. But I am wondering if the RNG(random number generator) is a fixed number or actually random in Black/White?

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No. The RNG is not broke. Your RNG isn't a set number it is a COMPLETELY random number.
For example:

You first encounter a shiny after 10 encounters but then next time you encounter a shiny (if you are lucky enough) you encounter it after 213685 encounters. Then the next time you encounter a shiny it could be after 1 encounter.

Ok that is enough.
So inconclusion,
No, your RNG isn't broken, you just seem to be very unlucky with your Shiny encounter rate is going up.

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umm. You cannot meet one 213,685 times later. It is 8,142 or less. Ok. So not broken, just consistant.
Ik i was being Random.
And no it isn't broken.
Well thanks. That was confusing me.
How is it unlucky to find a shiny pokemon?
Not what he meant. You misinterpreted. The number of wild normal Pokemon he finds before finding a shiny keeps going up.
"Ahem" What i meant by 3310, 6620, 9930, 13240, was that I met one about every 3310, my encounter rate is steady, not going up or down
oh, ok.