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When you RNG for IVs the parents have to have different IVs right?
Would my Hawlucha's be valid because the female has a perfect IV in speed and okayish other IVs according to the Psyspoke IV Calculator and the male has HP which is high but not perfect and 'meh' kind of other IVs?
The only problem is that they both have a chance of 0-1 IVs in SpD - the IV man says that they are both useless in SpD. But could one be 0IV and one be 1 IV and so they would be valid for RNG Breeding?

(I did a poor job at explaining, feel free to edit or comment)

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When the IV judge says a Pokemon's stat is god-awful or useless, this means it is a 0 IV in that stat.

So, if you use the Destiny Knot and the SpD IV transfers, it will always be 0.

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Okay thanks :)