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I got one from wondertrade, and will I get in trouble for having 1? If so how do I get rid of it?

I doubt you will get banned from online or smething
Just don’t use it in online battles or release it.
I've never heard of anything happening to people who own hacked Pokemon. They simply can't participate in online battles. I've had many illegitimate Pokemon in the past and nothing even happened to me. I thought about making this an answer but I'm not 100% sure nothing is going to happen.
Don’t worry. I got a shiny victini and nothing bad has happened.

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No nothing can happen except not being able to participate in online battles.

But this is only if the Hackmon is out of the ordinary. Like having moves/abilities it shouldn't. So if it is completely viable, nothing will happen to you.

And if you want to get rid of it just wonder trade it or release it.

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