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I kinda want a Diancie, and there's a Powersave code for the Wonder Card to give you one. I'm tempted to do it, but am worried it might get caught by PokeBank.

But Game Freak had Datel remove the Diancie code.
@Crimson1 There's actually a Wonder Card code that's basically the Diancie released in Japan.

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No, "hacked" Pokémon will not be an issue. The Diancie will not cause any problems with your PokeBank account.


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Diancie probably wouldn't get through anyway.

PokeBank can detect hacked Pokemon, like it does on the GTS. If the Diancie is obviously hacked (for example, illegals moves, stats, location of capture) then it will not get through. So there's no need anyway.

If it does happen to get through, then Sir Mudkip is right, it shouldn't be a problem. Congratz on getting it through x3

Hope I helped. :)