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OK, I decided to skim the GTS after a pretty long time now, so I decided now I can look for Diancie. I'm still wtf'ing at what I saw:

First Picture: Top Screen
Second Picture: Bottom Screen

Are these safe at all? As far as I know, the GTS doesn't allow hacked Pokemon into the network... I could be wrong though.

NOTE: For those who don't know, legit Diancie is out and was distributed in Japan on the occasion of the release of the new movie.

The one on the screen is Japanese, not American .-.
No. It's Korean/ Chinese. There is no letter like that in Japanese.
Yes, that isn't japanese.
It's Chinese.
The location is set to Japan, and it won't be surprising to find Mandarin speaking Japanese I think.

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  • Diancie is a Pokémon that you can obtain by event, and event Pokemons come on Cherish Ball.
  • This Diancie isn't japanese (that isn't japanese) , and since it is captured in a Master Ball, it is hacked (legit Diancie is out and was distributed in Japan on the occasion of the release of the new movie.).

If it can cause you problems?

> Hacked Pokemon don't have any negative affects on the game. It's almost always the hacking method that ruins the game. Also, I have heard of a few instances where the Pokemon might ruin your game and those would be the 'bad egg' and a Pokemon that was hacked incorrectly.

The bad egg can corrupt and delete your game if it hatches, so always be weary of people giving away random eggs.

Also you can't Use GTS to trade hacked Pokemon. GTS will check its captured location, moveset, and Stat (EVs).
If you use AR to generate shiny Pokemon, but the capture location and moveset is correct, it still be allowed to GTS trade.
But if you generate a Pokemon with all stat 999 or all EV 255, you won't be able to trade it by GTS.

If it's a bad egg, it should create problems like I said above.. if isn't a bad egg, you should be fine.

Hope this helps!

It was not captured in a Master Ball, it was holding one. And it is Japanese as the traders the traders have their location as Japan. For the rest I don't know what ball they are in, nor what their name is.
I might need a source though, unnecessary risks are not my thing.
You can't trade bad eggs and ilegal hacked Pokemons can be traded at GTS.
Also if it is a bad egg Diancie, it can cause you problems to your save file.