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When you receive Diancie from the delivery girl in Pokémon X and Y, two people will appear, asking for Diancie. What will happen if you give it to them? Please help me! Thank you so much! :)

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Don't worry this is just for fun. The master comes in and tells his servants to back off. He then tells you its OK to keep it.
GameFreak didn't want you do give Diancie to some random guys you don't know.

This video is the source.

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Okay thanks!
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Good question ehesister. First they said surprised Oh and was about to take Diancie, and suddenly the so-called master camed in and said that they couldn't take Diancie from us because we was young coaches. He also said that they had looked for him in a long time, but should stop. After that they walked out and disappeared. And you won't loose Diancie.

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