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my friend says she is hacked cause her name is in english and not Japanese cause its an event in Japan
Got it in a trade. came in cherish ball.
Where: Pokemon movie 14
Level met: 50
Nature: Timid
Date met: 7/23/2014
Note: Apparently a fateful encounter.
Characteristic: Capable of taking hits
When I got her in trade she is level 100 with pokerus


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Yes, it is unfortunately hacked. There is a Shiny lock on all Diancie, and a Shiny version has not yet been released **I stand corrected. There was a Japanese event for a Shiny Diancie. But because the Diancie in question is English and not Japanese, it it is hacked. However, because of the specifics you gave (came from the Movie 14 event, came in a Cherish Ball, came from a fateful encounter), it's safe to assume that the Diancie was obtained legitimately, but the owner then used a modding device to make it Shiny.

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Wasn't there a shiny Diancie event in Japan? I'm pretty sure there was... even so, this specific shiny Diancie is hacked since it's English.
Oh dang, you're right. I'll add that.
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Yes. Hacked. Sorry