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Highly, highly, HIGHLY unlikely.

First off, who would just throw a shiny legendary on the GTS? That’s crazy. They’re insanely valuable. Second of all, the GTS, ESPECIALLY in ORAS, is flooded with hacked Pokémon, almost always shiny. They request impossible things, like extremely low leveled legendaries (to the point where it’s not possible to obtain them) or Magnemites with a certain gender. There’s often a lot from one hacker-you might see 10 shiny Dialgas from one hacker. It’s not impossible to put a shiny legendary up on the GTS, but they’re too rare and valuable, and there’s a huge amount of hacked ones out there, so it’s EXTREMELY unlikely. You’d probably be better of shiny hunting the legendary, that quite literally has BETTER odds than trading for shiny legends on the GTS (which you usually can’t anyway due to the impossible requests).

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Ok because theres people with broken GTS trades like for example the gender or level would say back or quit the GTS. There is a person called FunkyGamer26 which isnt a broken gts trade and the trade actually goes throught but im still sad because I encounteres a shiny grimer in a cave while looking fof hidden items but I traded it for I think a Reshiram so im pretty stupid. The was also my first time encountering a legit shiny pokemon because the chances are low as heck
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