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On the GTS people ask for fair legend trades.... sometimes I need a legend like Reshiram for ORAS's Kyurem.... but I don't feel like beating a game going to catch a legend then waste (more of) my life transferring. So I go onto GTS and see a perfect trade, some idiot is trading a lvl. 100 Shiny Reshiram, for a Celebi... I don't care for Celebi so I trade it only to get that box.... that one BOX.... you know which one, the one that says I can't trade it because it has a ribbon! Couldn't they have given our game self a better reason to trade it? Do people know that this is the case and are being jerks or have they never seen THE BOX? (I don't care it may be hacked so don't even.)

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There could be multiple reasons like....

  • People don't know that you can't trade those Pokemon through the GTS.
  • People want to show off their Pokemon without it getting traded.
  • People are just wanting to be jerks.

Probably the last one, it's level 100 and shiny, who wouldn't want it?
These people are just trying to be jerks.
The Reshiram also may be hacked btw.

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In ORAS you can get shiny Reshiram and Zekrom.
most of the time it is the upper one, because it are new players. any way I would never trade my event-only legendary pokemon.
I said don't comment on the fact it may be hacked.
I once got lvl 50 Keldeo for a lvl 57 Braviary
some people ask for lvl 91to100 arceus or mew for magikarp lvl 1 not shiny!