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I forgot the Pokemon I wanted, but when I got to the end of the list of people offering the Pokemon I wanted, someone was asking for a Volcanion. I know that hackers discovered Volcanion in the game, but why wouldn't Game Freak or Nintendo or whoever monitors the GTS take the offer town. Also, I tried asking for a Volcanion through the GTS and I couldn't. Why could this other person do it?

They don't have the time to monitor the thousands of requests made each day. It's not worth it.
The person type the name at the bottom of the list i know because i asked for hoopa before back in xy

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There's two main reasons why the person could have asked for Volcanion.

  • They think that Volcanion is a possible Pokemon to trade.
  • This is the most likely situation, as people don't catch wind of smaller details such as "Volcanion cannot be legitimately obtained" before the bigger details such as "omg volcanion exists give me pls." This is like what happened with the iPhone 6 (in America, at least): Everyone wanted it but people didn't realize it could bend and break before it was too late.

  • They are showboating their beloved Pokemon, just to show others they have it.

  • This is pretty likely as well, as people do this all the time on the GTS. I've seen offers that ask for an impossible Pokemon, such as Celebi or Victini, with the caption "Look at my Pokemon!" These guys are just being asshats.


The person type the name at the bottom of the list I know because I asked for hoopa before back in xy
commented 1 hour ago by V-Man

This is how they did it. You can type out the name of a Pokemon if you do not have it registered in your Pokedex. I did this once in X&Y, to trade off a Florges for an Infernape.

There are so many other questions that need to be answered though...

But I entered the name like you said, and I couldn't do it.