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I looked for a Banette on the GTS on X, and people were asking for Arceus!
The GTS only allows you to search for or ask for Pokemon you've seen or caught. If you already own an Arceus, why would you want another one?

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Actually, in Pokemon X/Y you can just type the name of the Pokemon that you want (even if you hadn't seen it/ caught it) :l
Obviously they're idiots thinking they have a chance of finding one..
With the Pokemon Bank opening up in a few days/hours, a LOT of people are going to find their legendaries are being traded for crappy Feebas, Meowths, Cottonees, and other legendaries like Arceus.
The real question is, will the GTS block the hacked/unvalidated Pokemon from even being traded? So far all of the Pokemon found over the GTS are ones that are valid catches (either in-game or via the Friend Safari), so we have no idea if Arceus will even be tradable.
Just got rid of the minor cuss. x)
I saw people asking for a Xerneas in exchange for their Froakie with the dream world ability...
same with magikarp and feebas

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Hmm, if someone is looking for an Arceus, maybe they want an Arceus.

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You changed my point of view forever. :o
Someone give Ninja an award :P
This is exactly what I thought when I saw this question. xP
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The new GTS of X and Y allows a search feature, so if you know the name of a Pokemon (spelt correctly and shtuff) then it will know which Pokemon you're talking about, and ask for it.

People just do this to be a pain, and simply because they want an Arceus for such a measly Pokemon. (Sorry Banette. xD). You can't stop them though, so what can we do? ._.

Hope I helped. :)
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I once put a leftover Gale Wings Fletchling (from breeding) with 3x 31 IV (HP, Att, Spd) and a Japanese player gave me a Female HA Frogadier with Pokerus! It had 2x 31 IV (from the Friend Safari) :D
I never get good things over the GTS.
Same with Wonder Trade.
My brother has about three Fennekins all from Wonder Trade, and all I got are a bunch of Flabebe's. ._.
I got a protean Froakie in wonder trade. I was so happy :D
Omg I got a tornadus with pokerus..
In wonder trade? Daaaaaaang
I got a level 100 Arcticuno for a level 27 frogadier!!!!!!!!,