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I named him that because he has no official name and no face, name or message whatsoever.
Anyways on the PSS I came across a weird player face sprite. It was male haveing no face but eyes, hat, sunglasses and a black shirt. He had over 90,000 likes and birthdays. He had no history of any kind of battles and trades outside of the gts. (That I could find.) Obvious hacker, but what did he use to so badly destroy he's character?

He was playing Pokemon x or y as it asked me to play by kalos rules when I challenged him.

You could have gotten a picture for us.
Maybe that's the way he wanted to be customized. Not sure though...
I do have a picture, but due to my computer being attacked by that many viruses I have stopped using it. And uploading a picture on a tablet in which I am using is difficult.

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Sometimes users like that pop up. It's unexplained, but I'm guessing it's a glitch in GTS. I've seen it before. Sorry for the wishy-washy answer, but I don't really think there is much of an explanation.

Edit: since I wasn't clear enough I guess and I took a little time to think back into retrospect:

I meant encountering them like that on the PSS. I'm guessing hacking or cartridge reading failure like smiley said in comments. Another guess is PSS server internally glitched because of the load.

(Edit2: Edited out ORAS trainer idea, didn't see was Kalos)

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It's not just the GTS though, it happens on PSS too. If you can battle them then definitely they're not glitched frames. IMO hacked account/problem with identifying the cartridge due to excessive hacking or something.
Sorry if I was not clear but I did challenge him to a battle but he didn't accept