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Okay, so I got an Eevee over Wonder Trade that would've been the perfect build for a Jolteon. The only problem was, its nature was Bashful. So, I came up with the solution to breed it with a Modest Zigzagoon as the first step to the breeding process. (it was my surfer ingame). The Eevee was holding a Destiny Knot that my friend hacked for (and gave to me), and Zigzagoon was holding an Everstone. All I get are plain Zigzagoons. They should all have at least 2 Perfect IVs (the Eevee had 3), but the offspring don't even have one. Am I doing something wrong or is it not working because the Destiny Knot is hacked? Do they have to be the same species? What am I doing? I thought they just had to be same egg group.


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>Destiny Knot takes 5 IVs randomly from BOTH parents.

You're not doing anything wrong. The Destiny Knot simply takes any 5 of the 12 possible IVs from the parents. It is possible for all five to come from Zigzagoon, or for it to only pass down imperfect IVs. Keep trying!\

Source: Bulbapedia and GameFAQs

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