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Say I had a female Dragonite with 31IVs in SpA and Spe breed with a male Charizard with 31IVs in Def and SpD would the offspring have 31IVs in SpA, Spe, Def, and SpD with one Destiny Knot on 1 parent or do I need 2? In OR, AS, X, and Y.


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The Destiny Knot does not stack. Why? Well, because people have tested it. Also, because it isn't logical that it would. The Destiny Knot passes down 5 IVs from one parent. How the heck would this work with two Pokémon? You would be trying to pass down 10 IVs, and it would actually lower your chances of getting a 6IV Pokémon depending on what their IVs are. The Destiny Knot also cancels out the effects of a Power item (Power Band, Power Lens, etc.) and vice versa. This means that you can't pass down your five perfect IVs from Totodile A and the perfect Defense IV from Totodile B. You can either have one or the other. This is put in place to ensure that the players have to work to get 6IV Pokémon and not just have them (relatively) easy to access.

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actually, it guarantees 5 IVs from either parent's available stats.  it picks 5 stats, then it picks which parent will pass which of the 5 stats it picked.  so the breeding they listed will end up with anywhere from zero to 5 perfect ivs depending on rng.
Aww, man. I was just about to put a destiny knot and my power band for a perfect set!
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