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I got a hacked Kyogre from the GTS on Pokémon Y. It is Level 100, but it has 1,640,000 experience points instead of the usual 1,250,000 experience points it would normally have. On its summary, it says it needs minus experience points to reach the next level.
Will this damage my game in any way?

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Likely. Not to mention that it could be odd in other ways.
It's also just kind of bad to have a fake shiny level 100.

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This Kyogre was hacked in place of a Pokemon that required 1.64 million experience points.
All you have to do is defeat a Pokemon in a battle for it, and it should return to normal.

Source: Had a hacked Magikarp in my ORAS (at level 100 :P)

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Unfortunately, I already traded it away :(