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When I surfed with kyogre, instead of a dark shape, it actually looked like the top of kyogre. Does this happen with any other Pokemon?


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Yes! Infact this happens with 2 other Pokemon. It works with dive too!

  1. It looks different with wailmer. Wailmer is another big Pokemon that you can ride on. You can see yourself. You can also fish on him.
  2. It looks different with sharpedo too. What makes sharpedo different is that you can surf 2 times faster, but you can't fish on him

Kyogre - what you have - can move slightly faster than regular Pokemon and you can fish on it too. Also, it takes up a much larger area, so you can't get into tight spaces (if there's any)

All other Pokemon are miscellaneous - can't recognize

All information here : http://www.serebii.net/omegarubyalphasapphire/surf.shtml

Hope I helped! Please like if helpful :)

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i know but just mentioning >:3
Keep in mind that if you evolve wailmer while you're surfing on it, your game will crash
... it will ?
I'm pretty sure it will, since there is no surf sprite for wailord. However, i saw something that said it only crashes in some areas, not sure if that is true
i watched a video it crashes wherever you are