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I am playing Pokemon ORAS, and am on Route 118, where I have the HM for Surf. Nobody learns it. Here's my team: Grovyle(cut, leaf blade, rock tomb, slam) lvl 35
Zangoose(Fury Cutter, Revenge, Rock tomb, Slash) lvl 22
Loudred (Bite, Rock Smash, Uproar, Stomp) lvl 29
Electrike (thunder wave, bite, Thunder fang, Quick Attack) lvl 25
Swellow(Aerial Ace, Steel wing, double team, Brave bird) lvl 30
Machop (Rock smash, Secret Power, Low Kick, Seismic Toss) lvl. 22

Please tell me what adjustments to make to the team, moves and and who to teach surf to!

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Are you asking for in-game team advice?  Or how to teach Surf to a Pokemon?  Or...  what?

If all you're trying to do is figure out how to get Surf onto your team, drop Loudred for a Water type.
PhailRaptor which would you recommend and where to find it? and yes, i want to know who to teach surf to!

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This is a great early game team, but in my opinion, you could get rid of either Zangoose or Loudred (I would drop Louderd), them both being the same type (normal). You could replace one with a water type, such as a Tentacool (using an old rod), Magicarp/Gyarados, or Surskit. As it is, no one on your team can currently learn Surf, so you will have to replace someone (or wait for Loudred to evolve at Lv. 40). If you really wanted to, you could use a water type or Linoone only for this and put Loudred back on your team afterwards.

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Thanks! i might drop my loudred as he isnt doing much good except his uproar, so i would most love it if you told me where to get the old rod! and which water type would you recommend? im trying to keep my team the same this whole play through until i beat Steven!
You get the old rod by talking to a fisherman in dewford town.
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I recommend teaching surf to a Marill, which you can catch in the tall grass on Route 117. I think Marill is better than Linoone and Tentacool because it learns both strength and dive.
By the way, I think you should teach strength and swords dance (move reminder) to Zangoose, teach thunderbolt (talk to Wattson in Mauville City) to Electrike, and teach bulk up to Machop.

sumwum I have talked to Wattson and all he said is "I swell with optimism, seeing a promising young Trainer like you!"
Is there something i have to do?
Turns out you need to do the Cave of Origin stuff first. In that case, teach volt switch to Electrike.