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Bulbapedia doesn't have surfing information for RBY Route 4, and I don't trust the wild Pokemon tables on this site. Please don't question my curiosity.

I'm testing this right now, and I'm finding no encounters.

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I have been surfing around for a quite a while, and I am encountering nothing, so no.

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I know it sometimes takes a few minutes to get a Pokemon to appear while surfing, like how it is in RSE Sootopolis City. Are you sure you've been surfing for a very long time.
Yes. I have been doing it for a long time. Even Molthree is getting nthing
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You can't encounter wild Pokémon while surfing at Route 4 in RBY, you CAN receive a lvl. 5 Magikarp and in further generations, you get Pokémon by Surfing.

You are not supposd to aswer questions that have already been resolves
This answer says stuff that your answer didn't, so I think it's okay.
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