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Without hacking or exploiting glitches, of course. The Bulbapedia walkthroughs say that Sabrina must be defeated first, and everywhere else (including other Bulbapedia articles) say that Koga must be defeated first.


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Yes they can. Sabrina is very challenging tough, her Psychic types will wreck pretty much anything

Source: My own RBY experiences

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I read on Bulbapedia that they both use level 50 Pokemon while the highest level Pokemon that can be battled before them is level 41. It must have been really hard.
Well I managed to defeat her with only a Blastoise. Good 'ol Blasty.
Koga isn't that hard to bring down in Yellow - you get a free Charmander from Damian, and its Flamethrower should CRUSH those Venomoths. He's not too bad in RB because no such thing as abilities in Gen I, so Graveler CRUSHES the Koffings and Weezing.