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I am having a very hard time defeating koga's Muk because of minimize the starter I chose is bulbasuar it is currently level 35 I believe my complete team with out the moveset is

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Team please?
Raise your Diglett to level 41. It should learn earthquake at that level. When it does, evolve it. A level 41 Dugtrio with earthquake should be strong enough to defeat his Muk.
U mean Pidgeot?
Yes. Pidgeot. The normal/flying regional bird Pokemon learns Earthquake at level 41.
Pidgeot can't learn earthquake
Pidgeot learnset
He was being sarcastic.

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The problem seems to me that your team is very underleveled. Like sumwun suggested, get the Diglett to level 41. Don't let it evolve, as then you would have to wait until level 51. Whenever it tries to evolve, mash B (in case you don't know) to stop it. But when it does learn Earthquake, let it evolve, as Dugtrio's speed will be very handy. Be careful against his Weezing and Koffings, as Ground type moves have NO effect on them. I'm saying all this in case you're not experienced with Pokémon at all. A Psychic type would be best for this gym, as Psychic type moves are super effective against all of his Pokémon. A good Psychic type at this point is Kadabra. It's fast and has super effective STAB like Confusion. I hope I helped!

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By the way, using less Pokemon will significantly help your underleveled team problem. That Gyarados looks pretty unnecessary when you already have a flying Pokemon and a water Pokemon.