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I feel so stupid for trading my Kyogre away for a Dragonite. The trader refuses to give back my Kyogre, and now I'm stuck with a Dragonite. Is there a way to re-obtain my Kyogre without trading or events?
Note: I feel like this question is different from the other ones similar to mine. All the other ones ask if you can re-obtain Kyogre if you defeated it; I lost mine from trading.

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You want one? Ask me. Give anything decent and I'll give you mine (Lvl 50).
Tell me what it is on GTS. Reply by adding a comment.

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Sorry man, but the game only lets you catch it again if you never caught it to begin with. I'm afraid you're stuck with that Dragonite, but hopefully you can find someone with a spare to trade to you.
(And I've had that happen: I had to evolve my Haunter, so I picked someone from my acquaintances to trade with. But when it came time to trade back, he wouldn't give it back, and I had to give up my Mew for it. It really does suck when that happens)

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you can only catch him once in oras. Once you traded to a random person the kyogre for the dragonite. That person not gonna give it back. And only way to get another kyogre back is from trading with another person or from gts. But the best way is to find someone to trade with that will give you a kyogre instead of using gts. I hope this works for you

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why would you want to get rid of dragonite? there are so many opportunities with this dragon type. but there is only one opportunity with Kyogre. Dragonite can either be a tank, a raptor, or an attacker, or even all three. but kyogre can only be a weather tank.