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Kyogre @ Blue Orb
nature: modest
Origin Pulse
Water Spout
Ice Beam/Earthquake

Setting up for competitive and in-game sweeping

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I'd suggest Calm Mind instead of an extra attack
What format?
It seems to me that this seems to be a special attacking Kyogre, so just go for ice beam, I don’t know stats Nature Evs or anything so I (or anyone else) can’t really judge based on the facts you’ve given.

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You should put ice beam on Kyogre. Kyogre is a water type so it is weak to grass types. This will cover that weakness and allow you to beat dragon and flying types as well. Also, Kyogre has a better special attack stat and ice beam is a special attack. This is why I would say you should put ice beam on Kyogre.

Source: Smogon

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Do you hate dragons more or like general good damage? For dragons, ice beam, if good damage, earth quake, but not for double battles or royales, for those ice beam.