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which one is a better move for kyogre with the moves:

origin pulse/ water spout
ice beam

I'd say water spout because it's more accurate, but I don't play with powerful  legendaries like Kyogre, so I don't really know.
i fight always with the legendary's that you find in the game further always me first catched pokemon. that's the must fun!!!
no, I mean in competitive. Pokemon with high stats take out the strategy and most of the fun, so I play only where such Pokemon are banned.
i never do that just battle with friends with the rules no restrictions. we want to see the true power of pokemon!
...whatever's fun for you, I guess. Most of us find challenging and strategic battles with crafted teams more fun. I kinda want to get back again, when I have time.
but I really don't get what's so fun about watching Pokemon with insanely high stats simply spamming STAB attacks and OHKOing each other.
So what do you think about Mega Evolutions? Same thing?
it says on my profile. it's worth reading.

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Is this for in-game or competitive?

Origin Pulse has more PP and is therefore better for grinding in-game. It also has consistent damage, but in-game that doesn't give it much of a boost over Water Spout because you have the great Full Restore on your side. Competitively Water Spout is a beast in the Rain, but for that you might want to use plain ol' Scarfed Kyogre to make sure you get a max power Water Spout off onto whatever you want to kill. It's good to have a backup Water STAB like Surf in case Water Spout runs out of PP or gets too weak. So, in summary, my advice is:

• Use Water Spout to kill everything on an offensive set
• Use Origin Pulse for a slower, bulkier set
Use Water Spout to kill everything and bring Origin Pulse as a backup to have two almighty Rain-boosted Water STABs to rain death upon your enemies.

Please tell me you got the pun at the end.
bad pun ;- .-
i gonna to use kyogre for wifi battles with no restrictions and if i keep both moves. what is it moveset then? now i got 5 moves
I read that pun and just facepalmed xD
I'd ditch Earthquake for the second Water STAB, just make sure you have something to handle Primal Groudon.
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Water spout is better as it has better accuracy (100) and better power (150).
Origin Pulse doesn't have good accuracy (85) and is weaker than water spout (110)
Also water spout wil hit two Pokémon. So therefore WATER SPOUT is better.

that power can go from 150-0 like nothing happen if kyogre is damage