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Is Game Freak trying to make Kyogre even weaker? First, Groudon got an ability that makes him immune to Water-type moves. His signature move, Precipice Blades, has a base power of 120 with an accuracy of 85. Kyogre gets Origin Pulse, which has a base power of 110 with an accuracy of 85 as well. I don't get why Origin Pulse has to be weaker than Precipice Blades. Is there an additional affect that Origin Pulse has?

Also, Kyogre primal's ability doesn't even block the blades.
This is pretty interesting. I think it might just be how Gamefreak wanted, or maybe an error ?
I can see the headlines now… "Game Freak Coding Error Royally Screws Primal Kyogre!"
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probably bacause groudon needs the boost...
My name might be Deoxys, but Kyogre is my favourite legendary. They cant do some thing like this. Why didn't they give Kyogre Primal 200 Sp atk.
Because that would have made it broken as heck. Bulkier and stronger than Mega Mewtwo Y.
Well, getting hit with a huge blast of water, while probably lethal, would probably hurt less then being chopped up by dirty blades. Just Saying.

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Rain boosts Origin pulse.

As you know the rain boost water type moves and Origin pulse is water type move and preciplce blade does not get boost from sun because it is a ground type move. So origin pulse in rain will be stronger then precipice blade in sun.

Same goes for their primal abilities.

So basically it is not an error.

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Sorry, I'm knew here, is that an ability?
Desolate Land is Primal Groudon's ability
Then Kyogre is powerless against groudon.
Unless Kyogre is slower.
K thanks.