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No, they were introduced in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Gen 6).

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Actually, Primal forms for legendaries did in fact exist before ORAS, back in 2009. In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, the villain of the storyline was Primal Dialga, and he even looked like an honest-to-goodness primal version of Dialga, with red veins instead of his normal blue ones(just look it up online, he looks awesome), which is why I am very much looking forward to the remakes of Diamond and Pearl.

Yeah, the very first Primal pokemon was Dialga...
Primal Groudon/Kyogre and Primal Dialga are unrelated. In the original Japanese releases of Mystery Dungeon, Primal Dialga is referred to as "Dark Dialga" whereas Primal Groudon and Kyogre are referred to the same way in Japanese as they are in English. They're not the same thing.
In addition, Mystery Dungeon is a spin off series developed by Chunsoft, completely apart from Game Freak and the main series games. What is contained within Mystery Dungeon isn't at all an official part of the main series games, and for that reason it's not really accurate to cite Dialga as having the first Primal form -- it's merely a coincidence that the same name was applied to Groudon and Kyogre in OR/AS. Should Diamond and Pearl ever receive remakes, I find it highly unlikely that Primal Dialga would appear in them, let alone the same character that appeared in Mystery Dungeon.
I did know that in the Japanese language, Primal Dialga was known as Dark Dialga, but did not know about the other stuff... But I personally feel that Game Freak shouldn't just disregard Primal Dialga in the remakes. After all, one can't deny that Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre share a very similar design theme to that of Primal Dialga. I even dare to say that Dialga is where the two got their own primal designs from. I do think that it would be outside of their comfort zone for Game Freak to put Primal Dialga in the remakes, as they would have to come up with a design for Primal Palkia that would sit well with Explorers of Time, Darkness, Sky fans. But it would be somewhat beneficial for business purposes-as it would attract many people whose hearts lie with the Mystery Dungeon series and don't play the traditional games as much. Also the two would probably not be as op as Primal Groudon or Primal Kyogre, as their abilities would likely stay Pressure(Dialga because that's how it was in the Mystery Dungeon games, and Palkia to match Primal Dialga), though it is of course Game Freak's decision to make. But that's enough theorizing for me-honestly, I think the possibilities of the two getting primal forms in the remakes remains roughly 50/50.

In addition, I don't view the Mystery Dungeon series as canon to that of the Pokemon main games. I view them more as alternate dimensions(so basically, different game cartridges according to Game Freak :3).