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Am just wondering if there really is or will be a mega diancie mega evolution, why? because recently playing hackmons on showdown please do notice I am aware that all sort of weird thing could happen there and thats why its called hackmons, right? what oncerns me most is that the I don't know say the Smogon university placing a mega diancie sprite on a battle, if your wondering if this is actually truth yes I got proof the replay of the battle, please do ignore my team also being destroyed c:
Note: Aside the main question be if there will be mega diancie I would like as well to know what its all about and how to get the sprote or something,


Wow I didn't know you can use the new megas already

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There IS a Mega Diancie In ORAS source I am a fan of these games and cannot wait to play them when they come out!

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Here is Mega Diancie

It's ability is Magic Bounce, and it stays Rock and Fairy type. You can get Diancie via event in X and Y, but you can only get the Diancite in ORAS.
Here are the confirmed stat boosts for Mega Diancie
Diancie-M Stats: 50/160/110/160/110/110
That's pretty much it.

Hope I helped!

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