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Okay, today on the Amie my Diancie constantly fell to sleep even after I just healed it at the Pokémon Center?

I think sometimes they fall asleep on their own, but you can wake them up by tapping. My friend had a Sylveon who fell asleep by itself.
Do you mean its falling asleep and kicking you out of amie? Or do you mean that its falling asleep and you have to tap it to wake it up?
pokemon also fall asleep if you don't interact with them for a while.

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I think sometimes your Pokemon fall asleep on their own, or if you don't play with them for a while, and its just a cute little feature :)
You can tap the screen to wake them up, so theres no harm in it.
If it shows it as asleep, then exits the Pokemon Amie screen, then either your Diancie isnt healed or somethings up with your game.

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This is just a random feature. I imagine it is annoying, but you can wake it up just by tapping it.
However, if your Pokemon has fainted or has a status effect, once you play with that Pokemon it will kick you out of amie with that Pokemon until it is healed.
If it is constantly falling asleep, there must be a problem with your game card or DS.
Hope I helped!