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I’ve noticed that Pokémon fall asleep even without status conditions sometimes. The only explanation I’ve seen is that they will fall asleep “after a while”. How long is it exactly?


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Not gonna lie this answer even bores me but its atleast logical
Game:Omega Ruby
Trial numbers:3

Trial one: 67.6732 seconds.
Trial two:70.3262 seconds.
Trial three:60.8521 seconds.

Warning Boring level rising
Now this may seem random but that is literally improbable that is literally like saying your game flips a coin on whether or not it's gonna do something. So this brings in very interesting (boring) system called Perin I beileve don't quote me on that. But the name is unimportant the script of the system is.Now this is very hard to explain so I'll use Minecraft as an example In Minecraft you can create worlds with "random" seeds each seed in a simplified way of explaining decides how it stats so lets say you had a pattern 1234 the seed would decide which numbermthe pattern would look like.So like if you started on 1 one time then three the next your Minecraft world would look vastly different.
Starting on 1:12341234123412341234
Starting on 3:34123512341234123412
Same numbers different pattern same biome different pattern. Now we have basic Computer version randomness down lets talk about Perin. What Perin does is it takes that same formula and modifies it so it's more natural like lets say 1 was a Dessert Biome and two was a Tundra Biome (If it were that simple) Perin would prevent 2 from coming after 1 so your world looks natural by not putting the two next to ech other on the map.So it would only allow numbers that are allowed in it's original program made by the developers Follow the number before it So if 1 was Dessert 2 Tundra 3 Forest 4 Mountains Chances are it will cut out 1 & 4 (This is all very simplified because it is very hard to explain in typing).

So FINALLY looping ALLLLLLL THE WAY BACK,TO POKEMON. Pokemon uses Perin because it wouldn't make sense if your Pokemon always fell asleep at an exact time. And one of the reasons the franchise is so popular is attention to detail. Which in conclusion means that on average Pokemon fall asleep at! 66.2838 Seconds will they fall asleep at this very time every time? No. Does this number mean anything? No. Why I put it I don't know wht you really need to know here is that,it is trying to model being "Random" so it will change to the point that the developers couldn't tell you what it was going to do. Ergo I found the range through a bit of a um "Under the hood" look at My copy of the game I found a um let me copy and paste
0010100001101111010101000010101010101100001101010111010101010110111100001101010110111010110111010110101 and thats only a fragment but if you know wha that means which you can't it's a fraction of code then you are able to transfer it to base script and then whatever script your most fluent in P
ython for me (I'm such a nerd lol) and you can understand it basically after a lot of scrolling you will find that on page 734 it states Enter<Amie 65 to 75 warning this is not exact text range is exact becajse its numerical but the rest was just changed from numbers to base script to Python to Javascript to english so.... ya.Nothing And I mean nothingmis "Random".So sorry for grammar bet it's atrocious.

oops thumbs fell off lol gotta go find my average calculator and then I'll edit this answer with the average very climatic at the end though!
I think I might actually be upset if I lose to the other answer this time lol. My thumbs are raw but then again that answer is lengthy and could use a few cut outs...
So about a minute?
HEY LOOK I WANT YOUR ATTENTION REAL QUICK! if you would like a file with the full script or a screen shot of page 734 please post Your Email on my wall & specify what you want I can give you any relating file at all Perin files script files While I did my best with out writing a thesis lol I did leave some stuff out like minor calculations and details if you would like my thesis I wrote on Randomness I can also send that remember I am (Allegedly) 12 so the theory might need some minor grammar tweaks like comma's haven't gotten to editing yet it is my least favorite part of making a thesis lol.
yes about a minute holy mother of god why couldn't have I just typed that...
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Thay will just randomly fall asleep after you don't play with them for a while

Source experience

That doesn’t really answer the question. Is it actually random? Maybe add a reliable source?
The question so specific no website I can find even talks about this I always look to find something that backs me up but I could not but bottom line there's no set time until they fall asleep hope i helped :]
You're positive that there's no set time? You tested in game multiple times?
Thats wrong computers are to rigid to the point that there is absolutely no randomness *shouldn't even be a word just use predictability* since the entire system runs on 0's and 1's this calls for another test that I'll perform myself...soon lol
Why did I get a downvote no one has been able to prove i am wrong
Just because you aren’t wrong doesn’t mean you’re right...
Exactly. The fact that you haven't given any proof is kind of suspicious.
So not wrong but not right according to my Laptop there's a range