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Hello everyone,

I really need to know this because I want to evolve my Eevee into Sylveon.


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Okay, I got an Sylveon, so this is what you do.

  1. You go to Pokemon Amie.
  2. Tap the Pokemon currently in there and press "Switch".
  3. You should see all the Pokemon in your party's Affection.

Once you get that, level up Eevee and you will get Sylveon

Fun Fact: For some reason, I had 2 Hearts of Affection and I leveled Eevee up and it evolved. Weird, right?

Hope this helps!

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Thx again Suicune, you're awesome ! How meny hearts do you need to evolve Eevee ?
You are supposed to have maximum, just experiment a bit. ;)
Eevee also needs to know a fairy-type move aside from the max affection.

If bred, it will learn Baby Doll Eyes at lv9
If caught at lv19, it will already have that move.
If caught at a higher level, it will learn Charm at lv29.