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Title says it all!
Thanks for the help, planning to get my Mewtwo to max affection.

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For me, I find the game I'm best at, play it at max difficulty, get special PokéPuffs, feed, pat 5 times, repeat

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Just continue patting it.

That's literally all there is to it. Hearts are rather hard to get on Pokemon Amie, and that's understandable. You just have to continue patting it, and if you pat it a lot, eventually a bunch of hearts will fly out of the Pokemon four times consecutively. This means it has gained a heart in the affection stat. Wait for that to happen a few more times, and eventually you will reach five hearts.

It will still take a while, but it's pretty simple to do. Good luck!

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Experience

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Oh yeah, feeding it also helps. But still, that's basically all you need to do. That was my method anyway.
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As an Amie veteran, I have a few things to add.

While petting a Pokemon does give hearts, sometimes it'll only give a music note. That means it's had enough petting, so you need to do something else with it. Here are the steps:

  1. pet the Pokemon until it stops giving hearts and gives a music note
  2. feed it Pokepuffs until it will eat no more
  3. play any game(s) twice. The best is to play on the hardest difficulty you can so you can get the best Pokepuffs. You can deliberately lose the 2nd game if you don't want Pokepuffs to make things go faster
  4. repeat steps 1-3.

Petting & feeding fills up the Pokepuff meter of a Pokemon.
Playing games will fill up the music note meter and deplete the Pokepuff meter so you can re-pet and re-feed it.

Walking also has the same effect as playing games (i.e. it will fill up the music note meter and deplete the Pokepuff one), but takes longer.

I also play unlimited mode on the Berry/ Yarn Ball games to earn the best Pokepuffs, and:
- you need a score of 100+ on the berry game to get the best Pokepuffs
- you need a score of 800+ on the yarn ball game to get the best Pokepuffs
The Berry one is the fastest for me, and I deliberately lose after I get 100.

Not sure about the puzzle one because I'm crap at it. :x

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Uh, some paragraphs say that the heart meter will be depleted by doing certain actions. Shouldn't it be the Poképuff meter?
Oh balls yes you're right, thank you for that. The heart meter shows affection, I was thinking of the Pokepuff meter. o__O
Doesn't playing games decrease the affection?
No? The heart meter = affection. Playing games does nothing to that meter, just increases the music note and decreases the Pokepuff meters.
In the puzzle, getting 4-5 stars on hard gives you the pokepuffs.
4-5 stars gets you the best Pokepuffs on EVERY game.

I don't know how many puzzles you need to solve that will get you 4-5 stars.