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All my Pokemon have returned to zero hearts. Is this normal if you don't max out their affection? (I had them at 2 hearts before just to get the extra exp.)


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if you max out their love hearts then it will will stay maxed out but if not it will drop after a while :)

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thanks. I knew all those other mechanics of Amie, but I've never seen it mentioned anywhere that it drops unless you have max affection
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As previously mentioned a Pokemons Affection stays permanent but as for Fullness and Enjoyment, these drop as time goes by.

•Affection: Determines how happy your Pokémon is with you
•Fullness: Determines how much PokéPuff your Pokémon needs
•Enjoyment: Determines how much your Pokémon has been played with.

Even if you store a Pokemon in pc, battle box or poke bank. It stays the same.

Here's a rough guide on heart requirements along with happiness meaning (numbers)

Affection Value Small Hearts Required
One Heart 1
Two Hearts 50
Three Hearts 100
Four Hearts 150
Five Hearts 250

Source: Wiki (for heart statistics) + Rest personal experience.

Hope I Helped!