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Okay, I know this is similar to another question, but it's a little different. I had maxed out my Deino's affection levels (meaning I had all five hearts on him). After he evolved, I went to go play with him in Amie, and he had zero hearts. I'm really confused and a little sad about it because when he was level one (raising a competitive team), I made sure all their affection levels were maxed out.

Any idea what happened?

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>Affection will not decrease over time, so you needn't worry about maintaining it.

As scary as that is to think about...

The only way to reset affection is through trading or transferring to a different cartridge through Pokebank.

Source: craveonline.com
Source: Bulbapedia

I never traded it or transferred it anywhere through Pokemon Bank for the affection to reset :(
don't worry as affection does not have any effect in online battles
but it makes it easier to level up pokemon because of all the benefits it gives