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Hi, yesterday I got a shiny Mew in a trade.
I was so happy because Mew is my favorite Pokemon, but then when I thought about it, I thought it could be hacked.
I have searched all over the internet and a lot of people say that they had their games deleted due to hacked Pokemon or bad eggs.
So here are the details:
English name: Mew
Level 100
Caught in Pokeball
Nature: Timid
Ability: Synchronize
HP- 341
Attack - 212
Defense - 236
Sp. Atk - 299
Sp. Def - 237
Speed - 328.
ID number - 33916
OT - sayleta
Only ribbon (which I got myself) is the Kalos Hall of Fame ribbon.
Came from Hoenn, says he had a fateful encounter in Hoenn. I gave it Leftovers and I taught it all legit moves - Psychic, Aura Sphere, Dragon Claw and Shadow Ball. Before that, it knew Psyshock, Sludge Bomb, Aura Sphere, and I forget the other one.

Please tell me if it is legit, and if he is not, is he safe to use, or will he corrupt my game file? I don't want over 150 hours to go to waste.

Please reply quick, thank you.

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"please reply quick"
- 5 hours later -
He's probably hacked. Just think about it. What did you trade for him? If somebody had a legit shiny mew, i don't think they would just trade it away
The only reason I could think that it wasn't hacked is because it says hoenn and as far as i know poke transporter doesn't allow hacks through it.
well actually a buddy owed me because i got him keldeo and he got me this but he traded arceus for the mew.
Mega Evolution Guru, so if he was hacked he couldnt have made through poke transporter but he must have so does that make  him legit?
Okay. To clear my name, all I meant was that he was hacked ON X/Y. That's the whole Poke Transporter thing. And Sir Dan, I can't even understand you because of your improper grammar. But do you mean you had all those Pokemon legitimately and gave them away? Because that's not very smart of you.
Why don't you just ask the guy if it was hacked....?

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Well I know some factors that tell if it's hacked:

  • Level 100
  • EV trained
  • Perfect IVs(this is a big one)
  • Shiny

IVs are something you have to look at. For the most part, it shouldn't corrupt your game, if it was pokegenned, those Pokemon are relatively safe and since it is the more common hacksource(other than powersave), it'll keep your game ok.

But if was hacked in some sort of harmful way, it could hurt your DS. I've used some hack Pokemon to breed legit stuff, and I never got a bad egg, probably beacuse of the 3DS's better programming, so for the most part, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

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wait if some used powersave whatever that is does that him non legit. no no no i dont want something messing up my game but he is very good i have used him alot i am so sad if been searching around all day seeing if he is legit :( i dont want my game or 3ds messed up. i have never hacked never will. plz mew dont mess up my game i get scared when things like this happen on my video games.
Even if it's hacked it won't corrupt your game or your 3DS, I can guarantee you that, so don't worry about it.