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I got the old games for 20th year (i've had them but bought them for 3ds) I was wondering I see people have mew competitive and I want one is there a way to get them on these versions

Hacks and you can get a code.
Isn't there a Mew event starting soon?

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There is - they kept the old glitches in the game, so it is possible to see Mew, Missingno, and more in those games.
I think you can still get Mew in Yellow, but I think it follows a different method. For Red and Blue, this is what you need to do.

Firstly, you need to meet certain requirements:

  • You need a Pokemon that knows Fly (and can use it outside of battle)
  • You can't have fought a Gambler on Route 8 (the one nearest the underground path to Celadon City)
  • You can't have fought a Youngster on Route 25 (he's the one with a level 25 Slowpoke)

Now, to get Mew, here is what you do:

  • Fly to Celadon City and take the underground path to Route 8. When you emerge, save, as you won't have a chance to once you start the sequence.
  • Take one step forward and immediately press the menu button. You need to do this fast enough so you do it before the gambler notices you.
  • Fly to Cerulean City, and head over the Nugget Bridge to Route 25.
  • Fight the Youngster - you have to have him walk up to you, so stand at least one square away from him, or else your game will freeze (don't know if the Virtual Boy versions freeze, but the original definitely did). Your menu button won't work while you do this.
  • Once he is defeated your menu button will work again. Fly to Lavender, and head west to Celadon City along Route 8.
  • As you enter the Route, your start menu will pop up for no reason at all. When you exit the menu a wild Mew will appear. It is at level 7.

Source: Psypoke

Yes, this is mostly copied from the Psypoke website, but I have done it and it works. There are videos on You Tube of people using it as well (e.g. YouTube Video, start watching from 4:49 for the Mew Glitch).