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Same applies to Leafeon & Mossy Rock.

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Yes, it will. As long as the Pokemon is leveled up—and it doesnt matter how you do it, as long as you do—in the same area as the rock, then it will evolve.

Source: That's how I evolve my Eevees into Glacon/Leafeon, in fact

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So it does not matter what level it's at? Could the eevee be level 1?
No, it doesnt matter what level the Eevee is on. It could be on any level, except level 100 (because to evolve into Glaceon, it requires a level up, and level 100 is the last level a pokemon can be on).
Yes, even level 1.
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Yes it will.

Source, I did it xD

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+1 & thanks to all!
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Yes you can.

Source: Thats how I got mine :P

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Lol I love it xD +1 to both