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So I'm in Verdanturf Town on Sapphire and I figured I my Heracross could do with at least one bug move till Mega Horn LV 53 so I decided to visit the move tutor for Fury cutter. The trouble is she isn't at the Poke center, I'm sitting in the spot she could be and find no one. Is this a glitch, am I in the wrong location or is this Move tutor only for Emerald?

To my memory I think the Move Tutor only appears in Emerald, and in Ruby/ Sapphire there's only a move deleter/ relearner. Sorry I can't be more accurate, but Serebii doesn't even have a list of Move Tutors in R/S, only Emerald.

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Yeah Mazipan is right.

There is no Move Tutor in Sapphire / Ruby.
Only Move Deleter / Relearner, they are located here:

Move Relearner is located in Fallabar near the Pokemon Centre.

Move Deleter is located in Lilycove to the right of the deparment store.

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Ah ok then, thank's Scizornician.
You're welcome