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I need help finding the move tutor in Pokemon Diamond!!!

Which one?
The one that can teach moves to your pokemon and there is no other way to teach the move
There's more than one.
i think it's in Pastoria City

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In the southeast part of Pastoria City, there is a fat man in a house. In exchange for a Heart Scale, he'll teach your Pokemon a move it had forgotten already.

On Route 210, there's a woman who teaches Draco Meteor to any Dragon-type Pokemon. She can be found in her house at the northern part of Route 210. That house, with the 6 on it, is Grandma Wilma's house, who teaches you Draco Meteor.
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On Route 228, there's a tutor who teaches moves to any of the 12 starter Pokemon from the various games. The moves that he teaches are: Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant, and Hydro Cannon.

Diamond and Pearl move tutors

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where on 210 is it
thx i found Route 228 one and the Draco Meteor one
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