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Just wondering.


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We assume that it will be Mewthree. Though many do think it is just another form of Mewtwo. The fact is we do not yet know which, if either.

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http://www.pokemon.com/pokemonxy/en-gb - It's assumed that it's a new Pokemon because of the image on the official Pokemon X&Y website. It says "who is this new Pokemon?", so yea, the main assumption is that it's not a Mewtwo form, but an entirely different Pokemon.

In any case, it's right to say that we won't know for sure until it's officially confirmed.
I beleive it's a pokemon realated to MewTwo but is not a form, but a completly new pokemon.
I really hope it's Mewthree. I'm tired of legendary pokemon getting extremely similar secondary forms. Keldeo's Resolute form just looked like unfinalized, alternate concept art. Gamefreak should've chosen one or the other there, not both.
Yeah look up celebi eteranl form
i did, that's exactly what I mean...it looks similar, so it should be "related" (i.e. manaphy & phione) but if its the same typing and has a very similar body type, it really shouldn't be another form. I wouldn't see the point of changing in between them (if I was that pokemon).
It was confirmed that is a form of Mewtwo.
Nothing is really "confirmed" at the moment. We'll have to keep guessing until Gamefreak officially reveals the truth.
http://www.pokemon.com/pokemonxy/en-us/ <- confirmed there a few weeks ago xP it is a form of Mewtwo
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Its a form of mewtwo, a mega form which happens when you mega evolve it by giving it its mega stone and activating it during battle, there are two forms mega mewtwo x and mega mewtwo y,
both bare exclusive to their game

This is an old question. Most people know that now, especially since it says it on the main page of this site.