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If so, are their IVs set as well? (I know their levels and natures aren't; I tested thrice already) I heard this from one of my friends...I don't wanna miss out on getting a MoxieMence... and on Route 2, I'd rather have an ok Nidoran than a crappy Watchog :P

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The Pokemon in the Hidden Grottoes are specific to their location. In Route 2, the Pokemon in there will always be either a Nidoran (female), a Nidoran (male), a Granbull, or a Watchog. You will never find a [for example...] Manectric in the Route 2 Hidden Grotto. The natures are not set. If you capture/defeat the Pokemon in the Hidden Grotto, 265 steps later, there is a 5% chance of the Hidden Grotto regenerating and there being new contents in the Hidden Grotto.

EDIT: No, you can't save in front of a Hidden Grotto to see if anything changes. Once a Hidden Grotto regenerates, everything is set. At least, until you defeat/capture the Pokemon or pick up the item in the Hidden Grotto, and walk 256 steps to have a 5% chance of regenerating the empty Hidden Grotto.

So if you see an item, or a Pokemon other than what you're looking for, quickly defeat it or obtain the item so you can get more chances to find the Pokemon you're looking for!


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.......What I meant was like If you safe in front of a Hidden Grotto, and you get a Watchog, and you return to the title screen without saving, is there a possibility that that Pokemon might be a Nidoran or Granbull instead?
Good news about the regeneration part.
Oh! Got it, I'll edit now
Is it a 5% chance of a random Grotto regenerating? Or all of them?
It's a 5% chance of any empty one regenerating.
:/ Alright. I suppose I'll have to live with it.