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Can you explain more?
What do you mean?
Yeah, Mewradator is right, we didn't understand clearly what did you mean here.
i played black,but i have accidently deleted and so i played again,but i had chosen Tepig both times,but their stats are different

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I saw your comment.

Tepig stats with Serious nature lv 5

23 hp, 12 Atk, 11 Def, 11 Sp. Atk, 11 SDef, 11 Speed

Tepig Stats With Adamant nature lv 5

23 hp, 13 Atk, 11 Def, 9 Sp. Atk, 11 SDef, 11 Speed

I think it is just the nature that changed on your tepig.


Hope I helped

[1]: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Natures

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Stats are not set permanently at the start of a game. The natures are random. (just a note: Roaming Pokemons' natures are random until you meet them or they begin their roaming)

That's why there is such a thing as "soft resetting". You basically save to re-encounter Pokemon however many times you want until you get the desired Pokemon. Like, with a specific nature in mind, or whether it's shiny or not.
If stats were already set from the beginning of the game, then there would be no such thing as soft resetting.