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This is ridiculous :P
what is ridiculous?
Why would somebody use their time answering this? >.<
I can't even imagine anybody even trying to research something like that :P
But, If you add all the totals of each Pokemon, you will get the answer.

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Not really a ridiculous question just do some maths
I believe the answer is 296,904 counting all forms (not awakened mewtwo) and not any of the X/Y Pokemon
270,633 is the answer without any of the alternate forms. :D (though i'm not sure if average stats refer to alternate forms. IF they do the first number is correct, if they don't the second number. :P

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Note: this took 2 minutes. lol
How? :O Google?
Okay, how on earth dearest did you figure this out? XD
I used a computer. Computers FTW. ^-^
Eh a calculator. Get the average of each stat, add them together multiply by amount of pokemon counting forms not awakened mewtwo = 712 (thank you jarjar) end of story
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Okay, before anyone says anything, the answer is 180,795 (all Pokemon including forms up to Generation V)

You better gimme some damn credit, this did take a while. Despite it's ease, it actually took a long time. D:

I really do hope I helped. :) -twitches-

you did it the long way. XD and i disagree with your answer :P