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So I really want a Plusle so I looked up how to breed a Plusle and apperently it can be done by breeding a Jigglypuff and a Clefairy. I have a Level 57 Jigglypuff (male) and a level 50 Clefairy. Will it work? If not, fo you know any pomemon that can be bred to get a Plusle (black 2 only please)? Thank you!


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You are mistaken. Plusle is in the same egg group as the two in question. Because they are both in the Fairy egg group it is possible to breed a female Plusle with a male Pokemon from the Fairy egg group. Which means to breed a Plusle you would first need a female Plusle.
See here for more information.

Your not out of luck though. In Black 1 and 2 after game completion you can come across swarms of certain Pokemon that are not native to the region. Plusle can be found on route 6 in swarms once every so often.

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By "completing the game" do you mean defeating the elite four? I only beat them on normal mode not challenge mode (I know, I'm a wimp :p). And thanks!!!!!!!! I am going to make an army of plusles!!!!!!!! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!