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Remember that you can't breed a male Zorua with someone else with Egg Groups Field. Also, those with Egg Group Field and learning Extrasensory is only one, that is Ninetales line. (Correct me if I am wrong).
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Actually you can't 'get' a zorua with extrasensory. You must breed it with ditto or a Pokemon in field egg group.
Then it will be able to learn it.
here is how get a zorua
here is the breeding guide
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You can get a Extrasensory Zorua by breeding it with a male Vulpix, you can get a Vulpix in Abundant Shrine. (You have to get a female Zorua, which is difficult).

After catching a Male Vulpix, you have to either bring it to lvl 51 to learn Extrasensory, or evolve it using a Fire Stone, then go to move relearner to learn Extrasensory. Move relearner is in Pokémon World Tournment. If you don't want headaches, then just level up Vulpix till level 51, but it is kinda pointless because by that time you would be at the end of your game.

Then Breed Vulpix / Ninetales with Zorua / Zoroark in order to get Extrasensory Zorua.

Unfortunately, Vulpix is mainly Female (75%) and Zorua is mainly Male (87.5%). So it may be extremely difficult to get the exact gender of the either 'mons. There isn't any other 'mons who are Field egg group and can learn extrasensory. So sorry, other than Vulpix, there isn't any other 'mons who can help you get a Extrasensory Zorua.

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And where is Vulpix found?
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You can find it in Abundant Shrine, which is near Route 14 and Undella Town.