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I just love shinies and I have two, however they're rubbish apart from being shiny!
Breeding is the best way to get strong pokémon


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No, you would not get a Shiny Zorua. Parents can't pass their shininess to their children unfortunately. Of course, the 1/8192 chance still remains, but it is very rare.

This most likely because if breeding did allow more Shiny Pokemon, then Shiny Pokemon wouldn't be as rare and special.

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It's not 1/8192 anymore, the chance was doubled.
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Does a shiny parent increase the chance of shiny offspring though?
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If that were the case shinies, like pokerus would be everwhere
so no, it'll depend on complete 1/4000 luck

I thought it was 1/1000 luck
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No, it will NOT be a Shiny. Shiny parents cannot pass down their shininess(which is sad). It will still be 1/4096(Note: Game Freak increased the shiny rate) in X/Y , however. I suggest using the Masuda Method.


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Eh, sorry. No Shiny Zorua will be bred there.

Simply because one of the parents is shiny doesn't mean the offspring will be. However, you can try the Masuda Method where you can breed two different Pokemon from different countries, and the offspring will have an increase chance of being shiny? ;)

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Better chance of getting shiny Tentacool with my shiny American tentacruel and my shiny Spanish clawitzer(got the clawitzer from the gts) and the tentacruel is female, and the clawitzer is male!
The parents being shiny or not is completely irrelevant to shiny breeding.
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Yes, but it won't be shiny from the pyroar or zoroark(even if that's not shiny), it will be shiny if your lucky.
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